倉上 慶大
Keita Kurakami

©︎ Drew Smith


Yosemite / The Noseのロープソロ初登、二子山 / Mare (5.14c)のロープソロ初登(ロープソロ世界最難グレード)、秩父 / The V(5.14d/15a _初登)、瑞牆山 / 千日の瑠璃(5.14a R/X_初登), U.K. / The Walk of Life(E9 6c), 湯川 / 燈明(5.13d/14a R_初登), 小川山 / 覚醒(5段_第2登)など。


Born in Gunma prefecture, Japan, on December 1985.
I grew up surrounded by mountains in eastern Japan. My mountaineering carrier started when I was a child. My first teacher was my parents, they often took me to mountain.

In 2004, I moved to Niigata prefecture to study physics at Niigata university, at the same time, I started bouldering in local climbing gym.
Finally, I holds a master’s degree in physics, and I had devoted myself to bouldering for 10 years.

After that, in 2014, I moved to Saitama prefecture to work on Lost Arrow Inc. There is many respectable senior climbers, therefore I expanded my field to include trad climbing and big wall climbing.

In 2019, I left the office, and started the career as a professional climber.
Most passionate about opening a new routes in the crag and exploring the possibilities of solo climbing.
I also practice “Shakuhachi” (traditional Japanese instrument).
My lifetime project is that tries to express “freedom” and “diversity” through my activities.